What can I expect when I arrive at HCOG?
As you enter HCOG, you will be welcomed by a friendly greeter and given a welcome bag. Our greeters will be happy to assist you if you need help to locate the nursery, children’s church, restrooms, or the sanctuary.  
Will I Be Called Out or Made to Stand Up as a Visitor?
Not at all. We love to have visitors and want you to feel welcomed in our service. We often give a general welcome to visitors as announcements are made, but we will not single you out!
What is Service Like?
HCOG worship services begin with upbeat music and singing. You will find a blend of older and contemporary songs. Following this time of praise, Pastor Eric will teach inspiring and practical truths from the word of God. At HCOG, we are passionate about Jesus. We desire to hear from Him, and to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  You may see people responding to the Spirit in a deeply emotional way during worship or service,
Where Should I Take My Children?
Our greeters are happy to help you find the church nursery, Sunday school classes, and children’s church. HCOG takes the safety of our children seriously. When you bring your child for class or children’s church, you will sign them in and fill out a brief information form about them. The class teacher or an assistant will give you a ticket which you will bring back and turn in when you pick up your child.
What do People Wear?
At HCOG, many people dress in a “business casual” style on Sunday mornings. You will see people in many styles of dress from blue jeans to more formal church attire. We are just as excited to see visitors in blue jeans as we are in a suit!